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Mind + Body + Balance + Empowerment = Success!

Little stresses, big problems, and everything in between can make you feel unbalanced, deflated, and even sad or depressed. Mighty will help you "find your inner superhero" and activate the equation for your success!

The smallest changes can be the beginning of the most massive transformations to improve your well-being. Mighty has the tools, techniques, and knowledge to reinforce your wellness lifestyle.

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Meet Coach Aja

Aja Uranga-Foster is a Certified Holistic Life Coach with over a decade of professional experience working in business development, back-office analytics, staff training, coaching, management, and marketing.

Throughout her professional career, Aja has received media recognition and awards for community improvement projects, and she is always focused on how to make her community happier and healthier. She also has extensive volunteer experience working with young people with disabilities in a sports recreation and learning environment. Rounding out her skills are many years as a competitive horse rider, horse exerciser, and riding coach.

She graduated from University of Southern California with a B.A. English degree in Creative Writing. This education provided a foundation for strong communication skills allowing for her to provide service across many workplaces as a mediation specialist, committee leader, project manager, trainer, staff manager, event manager, and now holistic wellness professional.

She has always enjoyed helping people and businesses to improve and prosper. Her professional holistic life coach training at the California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences provided the missing link to allow her to help individuals and businesses in a more immediate and rewarding way. Whether you are seeking some TLC to just relax and balance after a stressful day, or have a life change you are ready to make, she looks forward to serving you!​​

Mission Statement

To empower clients to unlock their "inner super-power" to achieve their optimum wellness for greater peace, joy, and vitality.

Every client we work with is special to not only to Mighty, but also to our whole community. Each unique individual has an inner superhero inside them, giving them the power to change the world for the better.

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