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Mind + Body + Balance + Empowerment = Success!

Little stresses, big problems, and everything in between can make you feel unbalanced, deflated, and even sad or depressed. Mighty will help you "find your inner superhero" and activate the equation for your success!

The smallest changes can be the beginning of the most massive transformations to improve your well-being. Mighty has the tools, techniques, and knowledge to reinforce your wellness lifestyle.

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Meet Coach Aja

Aja suit3PNG Coach Aja (a.k.a. "Miss M." for "Mighty") is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, a.k.a. "Wellness" Coach, who has been working with wellness clients since 2012 to help them bring greater peace, joy, and vitality into their daily life.

She also has over a decade of professional experience working in business development, back-office management, staff training, team management, marketing, horse riding, and entertainment.

Aja has received media recognition and awards for community projects and artistic endeavors - supporting her belief that collaboration and creativity are vital to living well.

To best serve her clients, Coach Aja is a "forever student" continuously participating in workshops and seminars about topics such as neuroplasticity, mind and body science, movement therapies, and more. Wellness is her passion, and learning about these topics feels like playing!

Whether you are seeking some TLC to just decompress after a stressful day, have a life change you are ready to make, or just want guidance on how to live more vibrantly, she looks forward to serving you!​​


University of Southern California

California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences


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