Coaching Sessions for Individuals

Sessions are great for a quick dose of TLC for yourself, without any need to change clothing or remove makeup. It's all about unlocking your inner "superpower" to feel empowered, rejuvenated, and refreshed even after the most stressful day. Your Wellness Coach, Aja, will guide you with proven techniques to promote balance and wellness. Sessions include peaceful and relaxing techniques such as guided mediation, mindfulness practice, visualization, and more.

Skype and phone sessions are available. In-person sessions are available in select locations. Please contact for info.

Bridge to Wellness

Do you know you want to improve your wellness and vitality, but aren't sure where to start? Mighty is here to help! Let's strategize together.

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FREE Consultations!

Our consultations are always FREE and no-obligation so you can explore our expert methods for your healing and empowerment with no strings attached. Contact us today!