July / August 2013

Feeling the Fireworks

So much newness this summer!

Activate your inner superhero! Greetings from Mighty headquarters with exciting news and updates. First, Mighty is now located in a new office: 5250 Elvas Ave, Sacramento. This is just a couple miles from the former office, and still in lovely East Sacramento. Second, Mighty now has a new name: formerly Mighty Holistic Life & Business Coaching, now Mighty Mind & Body.

Why the change? At our new location we are now able to expand our services to include a full spectrum of services for mind, body, and lifestyle. This includes the official launch of the "Wellness U" classes, and new services such as Bridge to Wellness and Body Boost. Visit our website or call us for more info!

New location, new name, new improved ways to serve our wonderful clients! Join us to celebrate at our open house on July 17-- info article to the left side.

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