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Healing Properties in Tea

By Wellness Coach Aja

*This article is for reference purposes only, and is not intended to provide medical advice. Talk to your doctor or holistic healthcare practitioner about what is best for your healthcare and wellness plan.

More and more people are waking up to the fact that while modern medicine is a wonderful invention for many health needs, it is not the answer for every kind of healing. Today I would like to get you thinking about healing properties found in teas. Teas are one of many healing tools available to you.

There are many healing properties and illness-preventative properties that have been found in teas of all kinds. For example, below is an interesting article about healing properties found in caffeine-free dandelion tea (easily found by searching on your web browser) during a study on its effects on cancer cells.

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Attunement Parties for All Relaxation Occasions

By Wellness Coach Aja

Our most popular holistic wellness services at Mighty are one-on-one life coaching sessions. But many clients have also experienced how much fun group coaching sessions can be.

No, you won't have to share your deep, dark secrets in front of your friends or co-workers. Think of it more as getting together with your sports team to practice, or like attending a class at the gym with friends, but without all the physical movement. In an easy and fun 45 minute session, you and your group will feel the benefits of getting a 'tune-up' for your mind, body, and emotions. We call this type of service an "Attunement Party".

What kinds of groups enjoy Attunement Parties?

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Fun AND Healthy: Spring Cleaning

From the Mighty Newsletter May 2013
By Wellness Coach Aja

The arrival of spring means longer days, more sunshine, and a time of renewal. Infuse the vibrant springtime energy into your daily activity with these tips!

1) Clear out the body's internal clutter.
The topic of bowl movements is not typically polite conversation. But your bowl's regularity isliterally how your body clears out its waste. So it is important that you are being aware of your fiber intake. And many people find a gentle daily supplement-- such as the Ayurveda herbal blend Triphala-- is helpful to assist the body in the daily cleansing process. Several clients and colleagues have reported reductions in bloating and stomach discomfort after starting to take Triphala daily. You can find Triphala at your local Whole Foods in the 'whole body' department, and at many other natural products retailers.

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Fun AND Healthy: Love and Mindfulness

From the Mighty Newsletter February 2013
By Wellness Coach Aja

Want to feel more love and peace in life? Don't we all?

But daily life, duties, and inter-personal relationships can get so complicated and stressful at times. Thus, it goes without saying that we all feel overwhelmed at times... sometimes a lot of the time! The last thing that comes to mind when we are stressed and upset is love. So how do we get more of it, this elusive love?

Here's how:

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Fun AND Healthy: Confidence and Good Karma

From the Mighty Newsletter January 2013
By Wellness Coach Aja

What is your vision for this new year?

Whether your goals for this year include de-cluttering the house, getting a new job, maintaining peace in your daily life, or any other aspiration, there is one key factor that is vital to your success: Confidence! Confidence will help you to turn your goal into a reality.

But where does one find confidence? It isn't something that you can buy on a shelf or order online. Sure, a great outfit or a new haircut can help with one's confidence. But ultimately it must be earned, often over a long time-frame.

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Fun AND Healthy #2: The Happy Movie

What is it that makes people happy? What makes YOU happy?

There is a great documentary released in 2011 that examines this topic in an interesting and international way. The film is called "Happy" and is available on Netflix and at

The run time is one hour and 15 minutes, and it is great for adults and older kids who can read sub-titles in some sections of the movie.

One take-home exercise discussed in the film is a fun one you can do at home. On one day each week, for instance every Sunday, write down 5 things you are thankful for. This simple exercise has been been shown to result in increased happiness for people who consistently do it. Try it for yourself!

Enjoy and tell your friends!

From December 2012 Mighty HLBC Newsletter
By Wellness Coach Aja

Lunchtime "Tune-Up" For Relaxation & Rejuvenation

Mind+Body Balance sessions are a great way to rejuvenate and balance the mind and body quickly. These sessions are great during lunch breaks, in between meetings, or any other time you need a quick 30 minute re-charge.

These sessions can be purchased as part of a package, or as a single session. Great for couples and teams, too!

No mobility or experience required, and no need to change clothes before or after your session. Makes a great gift!

Call us today at (916) 800-3866 or email us for more information.


From December 2012 Mighty HLBC Newsletter
By Aja Uranga-Foster

Fun AND Healthy #1: Play Time and Rest Are Key for Productivity

Have you ever found yourself lost in doing a fun activity, and you look up at the clock and hours have gone by without you noticing? Or have you ever been relaxing on the weekend and a marvelous idea or epiphany comes to you? There is real science that explains how to foster creativity, and how to gain maximum productivity.

It all has to do with 2 key things:

1) Allowing time for stimulating, fun activities periodically in the day, and 2) allowing periodic time to rest and rejuvenate the mind and body.

What does it all mean? Simply this:
1) Reward yourself each day with a short session (15-30 minutes or more) of doing something you love, be it drawing, cooking, reading, puzzles, or anything else.
2) Take at least two 10-15 breaks a day to just go for a relaxing stroll around your block or any other similar activity to give your mind a rest.

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What's an Attunement Party?

Big deadline push at work? Wedding stress? Had a long night? For these times or any other time you are feeling exhausted just plain fried-out, Attunement Parties are an excellent way to rejuvenate and re-balance the mind and body.

In a quick 30-45 minute session, you and your party will feel the benefits of getting a 'tune-up' for your body and mind.

Sessions start at just $100 for up to 8 people*, and anyone can do it! Enjoy the relaxing group space at the Mighty office, or bring Mighty to your space! No mobility or experience required. Makes a great gift!

Call us today at (916) 800-3866 or email us for more information.

*Pricing subject to change after 1/1/13

From November 2012 Mighty HLBC Newsletter
By Aja Uranga-Foster

19 Things To Stop Doing In Your 20s

This is a re-post of an article from It has interesting ideas and reminders that are valuable even as we are experienced much beyond our 20s!

1. Stop placing all the blame on other people for how they interact with you. To an extent, people treat you the way you want to be treated. A lot of social behavior is cause and effect. Take responsibility for (accept) the fact that you are the only constant variable in your equation.

2. Stop being lazy by being constantly “busy.” It’s easy to be busy. It justifies never having enough time to clean, cook for yourself, go out with friends, meet new people. Realize that every time you give in to your ‘busyness,’ it’s you who’s making the decision, not the demands of your job.

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