Peanut Butter Jelly Smoothie Recipe

By Wellness Coach Aja

This delicious smoothie recipe brings the satisfying taste of a PB & J sandwich and the health benefits of veggies and high-antioxidant berry fruits. This a great option for an on-the-go meal. Approximately 500 very satisfying and filling calories, including micro-nutrients, protein, whole-food carbs, and non-animal fat.

The natural ingredients in this drink will separate over time. Be sure to drink from a container with a lid so you can shake it up every few minutes, or stir it with a straw every few minutes. 

You can use any berry juices you like. Organic is recommended. In this example I used an organic juice blend of pomegranate, mulberry, dark cherry, and red grape.

Ingredient list:

-1/2 cup mixed berry juice (as stated above) 
-Approx 10 red grapes
-1 handful spring mix (lettuces). Avoid arugula and cabbage, as the peppery and bitter flavors won't mix well here.
-Approx 4 TBSP dry rolled oats 
-1-2 TBSP Natural peanut butter (chunky or smooth both ok). Natural = salt and peanuts. No added oils, preservatives, etc.
-2-3 TBSP unflavored hemp protein powder
-Cinnamon powder to taste, approx 1/4 tsp
-Approx 1/2 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk

-Optional: 1-2 handfuls of crushed ice

Organic is recommended for all of the above to protect you from pesticides, etc.

1) Combine all ingredients in your blender. I used the tall cup for my Nutri-Bullet blender.
2) Blend approx 30 seconds until all ingredients are liquefied.
3) Enjoy! Sip it slowly over the course of about 20 minutes, same as you would for a meal if you were chewing it. This will give your body time to process all the nutrients you are consuming.

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