Coaching Sessions for Groups

Sessions for Couples and Groups of 2 or More

Share a positive and rejuvenating experience with your group! Couples, pairs, and group office sessions are available, and mobile service is available to many locations.

Wellness presentations are also available-- great for staff training meetings, team-building, reunions, student gatherings, and more. Please contact us for more information.

Sessions range from 30-90 minutes long. Please contact us for pricing and a FREE consultation. We are happy to customize to your budget and needs!

Some examples of group session topics are below. Other customized topics are also available.

Please contact us.

Mind + Body Balance

Relax and rejuvenate the mind and body with simple and gentle no-touch techniques in a quick 30-minute session. This is similar to the the Daily De-Stress service offered to individuals, and is great for groups! This is a fun option to get that little "pick-me-up" after feeling run down or stressed. Works great as a "tune-up" during a lunch break, or anytime during your group's busy day.

Stress Relief

Learn about lowering stress and ways to achieve balance in a group meeting setting. Participants will gain a practical understanding of how to balance stress in every day life. The presentation includes helpful take-home info and interactive material to reinforce the information for daily use.

Attunement Parties

Attunement Parties are a great option for graduation celebrations, birthdays, or any other social gathering of friends or family who want to share a common experience of relaxation, mind+body balance, and rejuvenation. And because these parties don't require physical movement or changing clothes, it's a great way to start, conclude, or highlight the celebration activities!

Team Building

If your team is looking for a creative, fun, and positive way to build your connection with one another, this is for you! Team Building sessions are available as one-time sessions, or in regular intervals. These sessions are a great way to get groups of 2 to 25 people feeling re-charged and ready to work together.

FREE Consultations!

Our consultations are always FREE and no-obligation so you can explore our expert methods for your healing and empowerment with no strings attached. Contact us today!