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Wellness U is the "Wellness Universe" where everyone can learn about how to achieve optimum wellness and vitality. Sessions are in a classroom-style format led by Wellness Coach Aja and tailored to each unique audience. No matter what your background or current situation is, everyone in the Wellness Universe has equal capacity to improve their state of well-being.

Class calendar and info is listed below. You may also contact us for more info or to RSVP.

Have an idea for a Wellness U class or collaboration? Please contact us.

"Night Owl" Wellness U

Coming August 2013 in Sacramento, CA

Are you a night-shift worker? Student or teacher with evening classes? Restaurant server or bartender? Nightclub performer? Nightlife enthusiast? A general "night owl"? Then this upcoming wellness info session is for you!

Learn simply tips to easily integrate into your daily life that will help you to improve your overall wellness, sleep, and vitality. More info posted here and on Facebook soon!

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